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These pictures were taken and graciously shared with Prime Portal and the internet community by Sang Ho Chang.
Thank you Sang Ho!


Barracuda 4x4 APC
Black Fox 6x6 APC
BV-206 4.2 inch Self Propelled Mortar
Chunma SAM
E-737 Wedgetail AEW&C
F-15K Super Eagle
HH-32A SAR Helicopter
Jupiter 8x8 MSG
K-1 Armored Recovery Vehicle
K-9 155mm SPH
K10 Thunder Ammunition Resupply Vehicle
K-30 Biho SPAAG
K-55 SPH
K-200 APC
K-277 Command Vehicle
KH-179 Howitzer
KM-10 Decontamination System
KO-1 (Korean Observation-1)
KT-1 Woongbee Trainer
KNIFV - Korea Next Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Korean M270 MLRS
Multi Function Radar (MFR)
Scorpion 6x6 APC
T-59 Hawk MK67


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