Ulrich Wrede's Photos

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These pictures were taken and graciously shared with Prime Portal and the internet community by Ulrich Wrede.
Thank you Ulrich!


AGF Serval
Challenger 2 in the Field
Challenger 2 in Action
Dutch Boxer
Dutch CH-47s in Action
Dutch Leopard 2 Buffel
Dutch M109A3 driving
Dutch Patria
FlaRakPz Rolland
Leopard 1 Prototype
Leopard 1A5 (Belgian) in the Field
Leopard 2A6
Lohr Airborne Vehicle
MAN Faltstrassengerät
MAN Multi with a load of Wiesels
Marder 1A5
Minenverlege System 85
PzH 2000 (German)
PzH 2000 (German) on Faun Transport
Wiesel 2 Fla Fü
Wiesel 2 Ozelot