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What's New - Current


My regular job has been keeping me very busy.  I have been working 18+ hours a day, 7 days a week, this month and part of last month.  I still have not had a chance to answer all the emails I received during this time.  I will get all the emails answered. 

I apologize for all the delays, I will try to get updates posting regularly again.


Here is the update for tonight:

There is a new donor tonight, Dave Connolly.  He sent in:
     A 4 photo walk around of the PSZH-IV.
     A 116 photo walk around of the M-578.
     And a 65 photo walk around of the Russian PT-76.
Thanks for the photos Dave!

Isaac Gershman sent in a 62 photo walk around of the MD-500 Defender.


I am back in the office finally.  Tonight and tomorrow morning I will be going through email, so if you have written and not heard from me, hold tight!  I am getting through them.  :-)